Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Restaurant

This week I've been doing work experience at a restaurant, and during my short period of time working there I've come to realise there are certain types of people who eat out regularly. Let me explain.

Type 1:

The Old Man who comes every day

This old guy comes in every single day at 12:30 to about 3 o 'clock. He orders a glass of red wine, his dinner and a pint of Guinness. He's actually very nice, he always asks me how I'm doing and mumbles some things to me but I can't hear him so I just laugh and hope it wasn't a question. He sits in the exact same place every day - by the counter so he can see everything that's going on. It's obvious that the highlight of his day is coming in and chatting to the same people, so I always give him a big smile when I catch his eye.I can't help but feel sorry for him though, and wonder where his family is..

Type 2:

The Dieter


Usually a woman, usually with her boyfriend. She's one of those really picky eaters who can't seem to make their mind up about how thin of a slice she wants to cut her carrots so she ends up just teasing them for about 20 minutes with her knife. Or if I go over to collect her plate, with two crumbs of potato still left on it, she'll be the one to say "oh sorry, I'm not finished with that yet." Ok seriously, there's not even enough to finish with.Oh and while I'm on a roll, put a break on the unreasonable requests.The chef will swap your roast parsnips for greens, but he can't magically extract the cream from the pre-made alfredo sauce.

Type 3:

The Over-Eager Waitress

Usually the new girl to a restaurant, she's the annoying waitress who constantly asks you if you're ok, do you need something, how about a refill on that coffee at least 12 times until you leave. She's the girl who spends most of her time wringing her hands, looking for something to do, begging you with her eyes to make a mess so she can waste time clearing it up. She's the girl who's eyes light up when she sees a table in need of clearing - something for her to focus her mind on, instead of ambling around the place making awkward eye contact with customers. 
Alright, you got me. I am ashamed to say the over-eager waitress is me.

Type 4:

The cute old couple

By far my favourite of all the types. I just love old people! They're so cute and funny and I actually like most of their stories. The cute old couple is those couples that sit down for a few hours and relax, gazing out the window in content. They don't talk much, they don't need to. The silences between aren't awkward, they've been around each other for so long that they don't have much to say, but it's comfortable. I don't know, I guess I'm a sucker for that kind of everlasting love! Ahh what can I say?

Those are the type of people I have come across so far during my experience as a waitress. Have I missed any? Comment below if I have customers yet to meet!



  1. That one person that always reads the menu in the accent of whatever country it's from haha xx

    1. Oh good one! My dad always tries that in Chinese restaurants, it never works out! :-P


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