Monday, 18 March 2013

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day! I hope you all had a great day filled with green and chocolate (but not at the same time). I like Patrick's Day because it's the one day in Ireland gets celebrated all over the world, it's probably celebrated more in America than it is here, actually. In Chicago they die the river green.

Pretty cool, right?


The river Liffey was green too, but for a different reason...

Anyway, my two friends and I headed up on the train to Dublin, as this is where the best parade in Ireland takes place. There was actually meant to be six of us going, but three of my friends made other plans at the last minute..

"Really Sorry but Im going hav to give tomorrow a miss because something came u"

"Guys i cant come tomorrow anymore i was meant to be doing something and the guy i got to fill in for me is in hospital so i cant come for definite :,("

"An unforeseen event has led to me being stuck in Westmeath tommorow )="

Yeah ok guys, whatever.

The three of us had a great day. It was raining (of course) but I snuggled up in my green jumper I bought in Lidl. The Parade was exciting, there were the traditional bands of course, then the army went by (my favourtie part always) and many different floats. Here are some of the days events!

When it got so cold that we couldn't move our toes anymore, we decided it was time for lunch and headed for Insomnia. Here, we ordered a Hot Chocolate and a Muffin and it was the most delicious thing I ever tasted (that's right, even nicer than macaroons!).

It's St Paddy's Day.. Lent doesn't count, alright?
We hung around for a bit more, I bought sunglasses in Penneys in preparation for my holiday to Italy. The shops started closing early and I was craving a cup of tea so badly that we went to the train station an hour before our train to get tea and a snack!

This is my friend Ali and I discussing our plans to open an all night tea shop in America. Details will be out shortly.

Have a great day!


We never did find out what this was...


  1. I'd LOVE to know what that giant red thing is! Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you like the scavenger hunt! The celebrations look good, i can't believe it was easier to do the hunt in America than here in the UK!x

    1. My conclusion was an upside down octopus :D no bother, yes well, I hear you Americans love the Irish! ;-)

  2. the parade looks great! hope you had a great St Patricks Day!

    1. Thanks! It was so bright and colourful :D you too!


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