Sunday, 24 March 2013

All Salute the Biker Jacket

This is not a fashion blog. This will probably never be a fashion blog. But for the love of God will you LOOK at these jackets! Scientists have proved they have the ability to make you look 100% cooler than you actually are. FACT.

I love you

So amazing

Will you marry me?
Ok I know they are awfully expensive, I was going to put the price tags in the caption but it hurt me too much to do so. Maybe some day we can all pool our resources together and buy me a biker jacket. Doesn't that sound nice?

Vila Leather Look Biker Jacket
Look how cool she looks
Bolongaro Trevor Tougher Leather Biker Jacket
Look how hot he looks
I bet they feel awesome wearing them too. Lucky bitches bikers.

And it's Emma Watson!! Ok I don't need to tell you their names..

It's Taylor Swift!!
Looks good enough to eat.
I hear they wear these in heaven, no seriously, check the Bible! It's.. near the back..ahem..

Alright so if you haven't already noticed I am a little obsessed with these beauties at the minute. I tried on a friend's the other day (she's rich enough to afford one, lucky bitch buttercup) and it fit me so nicely and I felt so happy in it. Money can't buy you happiness? Lies, money can buy you a biker jacket, which is basically the same thing as happiness anyway.



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