Tuesday, 23 April 2013

School Trip

Today was a fun day. I went on a shopping trip with my school! (I'm in fourth year so our teachers are not really sure what to do with us most of the time) It was actually meant to be a sort of educational trip to a silverware factory in Newbridge. That part was pretty cool, looking at spoons and stuff. There was even a really cute tea set I'm going to show you.

 I love this!
 Cute Candle
Lovely but very expensive cutlery

Anyway, the part that we were all most excited for was (surprise surprise!) the shopping in White Water Shopping Centre! I'm going to Italy in three weeks with my school, so my friends and I were shopping with the image of a white, sandy beach painted firmly in our minds.


I don't much like this picture, but nevertheless I said I'd put it up as the dress was so gorg! It's a real beachy-throw-over-your-bikini type of dress, but you can also cover yourself up with a cute lil denim jacket.

These are a really cute pair of shorts, from Bershka I think, anyway I love them and they'd be perfect for my holiday! They're just the cool print I've been looking for and would look great when paired with just a plain top. Oh yeah and that's my lovely school shirt peaking through there..

I wish I could say this was me but, alas no, this is my beautiful friend Aisling! Isn't she gorgeous? I love these body crop tops and this one is especially cool. It's from Bershka also (love that shop!) and just looks cool with anything. I've been trying to diet to look good in one of these but my Mam bought Oreo Icecream today so there goes that idea. Still, with a pair of high waisted shorts I might be able to pull them off.
My first Starbucks!
After a hard day of shopping, I had my very first Starbucks. I ordered a Mocha Frappuccino and it was the most delicious thing ever - I still prefer tea but this was still amazing.

We got back a few minutes before school ended, so we took a very long-winded route walk back to school so we'd miss Irish class. Oh teenage rebellion!


Funky Chair

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