Monday, 8 April 2013

Garnier Moisturisers Review

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Protect and Glow Illuminating Light Lotion.. Phew!
I'm surprised they can even fit the name on that little tube! I'm going to do a review on this new product because I do think it has made a huge advantage to my skin. 

Soap & Glory usually dominate the Skin Care Corner of my bedside table so I was pretty excited to try out something new. There are five different types of this product:

                                   Moisture Match | Protect & Glow Illuminating Light Lotion | Normal Skin 
Moisture Match | Start Afresh Light Softening Cream | Normal to Dry Skin 
Moisture Match | Goodbye Dry Ultra Hydrating Cream | Dry to Very Dry Skin 
Moisture Match | Wake Me Up Revitalising Hydrating Gel | Dull Skin 
Moisture Match | Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream | Combination to Oily Skin

I chose the "Normal Skin" (Yellow) one because it said it smells like lemons and that's always a plus. Also it's the only one that contains 20 SPF and on those rare times the sun emerges in Ireland I always worry about how it damages my skin - Gotta think about the future state of my face!

On application, the texture was actually not unlike sun cream, and it did smell lemony fresh! It went on smoothly and didn't look oily on my skin at all - the opposite of sun cream in this case. It took only a few minutes to completely dry into my skin and I instantly noticed the radiant glow my skin had. I've been using it for a week now and can honestly say my skin has never looked or felt clearer or smoother.
Sometimes I feel that Garnier moisturisers can be too oily so if you have oily skin, head straight to the mattifying lotion (green).
Overall, I really enjoyed using this product. I think sometimes High Street brands miss the mark when it comes to what product suit what skin types, so I was impressed with the range of choice I was given in this case.

5 stars for Garnier! For only €9.50/£5.99 it's a shteal buy and I got this on sale for €6.13 too! 


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