Saturday, 13 April 2013


You know what I love? Letters. I love them. I love the old fashioned feel of them, I love how individual the curves are on the writing depending on the person. I love imagining someone writing to you, scribbling ideas across a page. I love reading someones thoughts minus emoticons and initialisations. I love the effort required for writing a letter, it's not like just sending a text. Writing letters is expensive; think of the ink, the paper, the envelope and of course the biggest rip-off - the stamp. Think of the work required to think up of paragraphs to write a whole letter.


I love keeping letters in a box, to be taken out at times for reminiscing. I love giggling over the silly things I used to write and I love realising how much I've progressed through life from reading past letters. I love receiving letters in the post and ripping the envelope open as soon as I can. I love purchasing coloured paper and stickers and glittery gel pens to add personality to my writing. I love drawing little designs on my letter in reference to what is written.

I used to write letters to all my friends, but I don't think they were as keen on the activity as me, and also I guess it was a lot more convenient to just message the goss over facebook or other such social networking sites.

 I used to write letters to my Auntie Margaret in America too. I remember I used to use a different coloured marker for every paragraph when I was younger. But then my Auntie got a new job and had three kids and so we stopped writing letters and I settled for a phone call every few weeks instead.

What I'm trying to say is, I miss writing letters to people. I sometimes wish I lived in the old fashioned days where teenagers communicated via words written on paper. I guess I'm a sucker for those days gone by! I know some people have pen pals, that seems like a lot of fun! Communicating with someone you've never met, receiving mail that has been written hundreds of miles away from where you live. It's so.. romantic, in the olden sense of the word.

Do you write letters, or would you like to? How do you feel about writing to a pen pal?



  1. I absolutely love hand written letters and notes! They are way more special and I also wish we still used letters to communicate! :)

    The Plaid Princess

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  3. Aww.. you made me feel like wanting to write a real letter!:))
    When I was younger I had lots of pen pals from all over the world. I love the excitement of receiving a letter.


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