Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back to School

Gosh, I loathe those words. They're splashed over every advertisement for Dunnes Stores or Tescos or any other supermarket catering for 'kids' heading 'back to school.'

Sometimes they even go crazy and replace the 'to' with '2'.

Back 2 Skool.

Because they're cool like that.

Anyway, I am currently heading into my fifth year of Secondary School, about to embark and the glorious journey of trying to pass this really big exam in Ireland, known as the Leaving Cert. It basically is this big milestone in your life that represents how intellectually smart you are and determines if you'll get into your chosen course in your chosen college. Sounds like great craic, right? :D
Naturally, every student who wants a good future is in this intense, stressful state for the two years of build up to it. Which I suppose, will be me in a few days time..

There's about 16 books here, and more to come! I'm taking 7 subjects:


Although I have to admit, I am weirdly excited for it. The last big exam I undertook was the Junior Cert (the baby Leaving Cert) and although it went grand and all, I feel like this will be a fresh start. A do-over.
So I am looking forward to heading back and studying hard and doing well in my tests.

She says now. No doubt next week I'll be writing another post about how awful fifth year is.

 Are you all insanely jealous of my new pencilcase? I hope so!

This is the only book I will be studying. I'm a wannabe hipster


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