Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Deadly Dieting

As you might have heard, I'm going to Italy in just a few weeks. I'm majorly excited! Sun, sea and sand.. and educational cultural stuff too because it's a school trip. The temperatures are going to up in the high twenties, which is outrageously hot for a little Irish girl like myself. This also means I'll have to purchase myself a bikini. Eek! I've never owned a bikini before, we only get around one hot weekend in this country normally so I dread the thought of going to the self conscious bother of trying to look good in one for such a short period of time.

However, in just three weeks I'll be spending my days in string tops, shorts and bikinis - and in front of my whole school! The race is on to slim myself down for the event.

I've tried going to the gym every few days but I guess it doesn't work when you don't have the proper diet. And I love my food.

Nevertheless, I'm going all healthy for these next few weeks. This is what I had for breakfast this morning; Blueberries and Natural Yoghurt!


This tasted like bleugh in the morning. I'm used to my lovely and filling toasted brown bread and butter and tea every 8am. It did fill me up but really I don't think it was worth it. However, I bought Strawberry and Rhubarb Natural Yoghurt today and it tastes delicious, so I'll have a happier morning tomorrow I hope!
Combined with not eating anything after my dinner and limiting my snacks, I think I can just about last, though I hope my cravings don't get the better of me!

Have you seen any nice bikinis in the shops recently? I'm looking for something simple but still quite cute. Oh and also, I'm not really sure what to eat for lunch that is healthy-ish.. Let me know if you think of anything! 


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